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With many different knife block sets on the market, each having an appeal and style of its own, here at First Ireland, we have brought together the best manufacturers and designs to share with you a selection that you simply cannot pass over. Our collection brings together the best Kitchen Knife Block Sets to suit every taste and design style and even the most modest budget. Richardson Sheffield, Wusthof, Arthur Price and Denby are just some of the prestigious names that have literally made it into the First Ireland cut list.

 Whether you're a budding chef or cooking is only a necessity of family life, you will still undoubtedly have heard chefs tell you the importance of an investment in good quality knives. From knife only to sets that have kitchen shears and sharpening steels included, in a range of modern, classic and contemporary knife blocks and sets, you can deal with every cutting challenge your cooking and food preparations demand of you. Not only will you find cutting, slicing and chopping easier, but it will certainly be safer too.