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It is hard not to get caught up in the magic of Christmas with this wonderfully enchanting range of Belleek Classic Christmas pieces. If you are looking for a traditionally designed Belleek Classic Christmas ornament, then the Annual Ornament collection is a great place to start. Each year, a new design is released to celebrate a piece of Irish architectural history in fine Belleek Parian china. With 2021 being the 34th annual ornament release, there are many to collect, so remember to check back here every year for us to bring you the next eagerly anticipated edition. 

Belleek Pottery dates back over 150 years and has a strong Irish heritage which they show proudly in many of their classic pieces. From traditional shamrocks and basket weaves to the more modern designs that feature as part of the much-loved classics collections, there is something for everyone to buy for themselves or as the perfect gift for a loved one. The Belleek Living range is a more recently released contemporary home and giftware collection that fits beautifully with modern living demands.

Whichever Belleek designs you choose, you can be sure that every handcrafted, hand-painted piece is of the same known and trusted quality that sees Belleek pottery famous worldwide and way beyond its humble Irish origins. Here at First Ireland, we are delighted to share our love of Ireland with such a quality brand that brings a touch of Irish magic with it wherever it goes. Why not look through our carefully selected Belleek Living and Belleek Classic collections when looking for that perfect new addition to your home or a gift for a loved one.