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The Romantica range comes from Italian glass experts Luigi Bormioli. With over 180 years experience Luigi Bormioli have been able to develop the best stemware and drinking glasses available. All Romantica glasses are made using an innovative new glass material called Sparx. Sparx was developed by Luigi and is exclusive to their glasses alone. Sparx Ultra Clear Glass is stronger and more durabel than ordinary glass plus more clear and transparent allowing for a better drinking experience. Sparx Ultra Clear Glass is as eco friendly as glass can be; it is completely lead and heavy metal free. All Romantica items have titanium coated seamless stems, laser cut fine rims, and come in a photographic giftbox of four. Romantica glasses contain a "rilievo" effect which catches the eye right away. This glass is ideal for enjoying red wine and makes for an exceptional wedding present or sets the mood for a very romantic evening.

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