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Belleek Classic Religious gifts feature the finest Belleek Parian china porcelain to depict religion in a range of decorative ornamental pieces. A Blessed Virgin Mary and Celtic Cross Font both show the simple beauty of Belleek cream porcelain at its best. The Belleek Classic Lady of Knock statue again shows the cream porcelain fine detailing and highlights 24-carat gold accents to enhance its natural beauty. In traditional Irish style, the St Brigid's Cross features a beautiful shamrock design at its centre in soft green. 


Belleek Pottery has a solid Irish history dating back to the mid-1800s when they were founded by John Caldwell Bloomfield when he inherited his father's tenanted estate. In a bid to provide employment for the estate residents and provide them with an income following the Irish potato famine, he founded Belleek Pottery and gave them a place to work. From these well-intentioned beginnings, Belleek porcelain now has worldwide recognition. In modern times they offer a collection of modern and classic designs in their Belleek Living and Classic collections that have been collected and admired throughout the generations. Many Belleek pieces feature an embossed hallmark that enables collectors and Belleek lovers a piece of Irish heritage fine Parian china porcelain that they can date with ease to the period it was made. Each Belleek pottery item passes through 16 skilled hands to ensure that only those that are perfect are released for sale, and the quality of artistry is what keeps them forefront in the world of recognisable Irish heritage pottery today.