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Stellar Sabatier 5 Piece Knife Block Set IS60

Stellar Sabatier 5 Piece Knife Block Set

  • Set Contains:
  • 1 x 9cm Paring Knife
  • 1 x 10cm Utility Knife
  • 1 x 20cm Carving Knife
  • 1 x 20cm Bread Knife
  • 1 x 15cm cooks knife
  • 1 x Beech Wood Knife Block
  • SABATIER 5-PIECE SET OF KNIVES COMPRISES - 9cm (3.5") Paring Knife (all-purpose knife for peeling veg or cutting fruits); 10cm (4") Utility Knife (for slicing fruit, vegetables, fish and meats); 15cm (6") Cooks Knife (multipurpose knife for mincing, slicing and chopping); 20cm (8") Carving Knife (for slicing cooked meat); 20cm (8") Bread Knife in a Solid Wood Knife Block
  • DURABLE CARBON STAINLESS STEEL - as you would expect from Sabatier knife, the knives slice effortlessly thanks to top quality X50 XCrMov15 stainless steel with Carbon for hardness, Vanadium to retain sharpness and Molybdenum to resist rust and stains
  • TAPER GROUND CUTTING EDGES FOR LASTING SHARPNESS - as you would expect from a Sabatier knife, the blades have razor-sharp edges to ensure they slices effortlessly through all kinds of food from herbs and vegetables to cheese, meat, fish, tofu and bread
  • DISTINCTIVE 'FULL TANG' RIVETED HANDLE - each knife is constructed using the more secure 'full tang' method that goes all the way from tip to grip, with a hard 'POM-C' handle which has great resistance to heat, wear and dishwasher detergents and is securely connected to the blade with spun-solid rivets
  • Lifetime Guarantee from STELLAR - for nearly forty years Stellar has been used in the kitchen by discerning home chefs and expert cooks. The brand has a worldwide reputation - for professionalism, expertise and award-winning customer service

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