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Powering your kitchen is an essential part of everyday modern life. First Ireland offers some great brands at competitive prices to help you achieve this goal. It is important to keep up to date with new trends and devices that help us maintain an efficient lifestyle.

Coffee, has exploded onto the high street and also into our homes, First Ireland offer a wide range of coffee machines to make you the envy of your family and friends, transform yourself from a coffee lover to a barista in the click of a button!

Food preparation and new super foods combine to improve our health and lifestyle. We at First Ireland pride ourselves in keeping up to date with these new trends and supplying products to meet these needs. Browse from brands such as Magimix, Kenwood and Tefal who strive to offer the latest innovations and techniques.

Stylish Kettles with matching toasters are a must for any kitchen. First Ireland offer a wide range of products to co-ordinate your kitchen décor! Kenwood, Delonghi, Stellar, Tefal, Russell Hobbs offer products that are both energy efficient and stylish!

Despite the desire for instant food, slow cooking has become very popular, helping to save money, add nutrition and maximise flavour! Slow cookers from Crockpot and Judge, soup makers by Tefal, smoothie makers from Kenwood, health fryers by Tefal are recent additions to our range.

Whatever your requirements, check out our products and make First Ireland your first port of call!