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Fissler Cookware has been an exacting standard in cookware for over 165 years. Their covetable cookware range has been a German kitchen must-have for many generations. Here at First Ireland, we are delighted to bring you a range of high-quality cookware that we know is perfect for the demands of the modern cook. Everyday cookware pieces have the build quality designed to last, cope with the rigours of daily use and provide exceptional service every day.

Cookware such as roasters and woks need no longer be hidden in a cupboard. Their design elegance makes them look great in the open, perfect if cupboard space is tight. Pots and pans, knife blocks and an extensive range of replacement parts should you need them can all be purchased to ensure that you always have a range of consumables on hand to keep you cooking. Fissler Cookware also includes pressure cookers and fry pans, so you can complete every cooking task or challenge with the backing of Fissler German quality and design to support you.