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Lladro's hobbies and professions collection bring their fine porcelain to every day. Whether a job, a hobby, exercising or relaxing, dancing, music or football, swimming or horse-riding, or just enjoying life, the range is vast beyond imagination. There is a fine-crafted Lladro porcelain piece for everyone. Lladro's hobbies and professions collection bring world-renowned porcelain in design style and colour recognised and loved all over the world. 


The true beauty of Lladro is that they have something for everyone, modern, classic, young or old. The fine detail, true beauty and technical quality of talented Lladro artists shine in each piece, instantly recognisable by the famous Lladro colour palette that deserves their much-acclaimed worldwide recognition. They have captured moments, occasions and life events in their true-to-life and fantasy collections, so joining the ever-growing number of Lladro owners and collectors is incredibly easy to be drawn into. If you are looking for a unique gift for a family member or loved one, buying a Lladro piece makes a statement that can only say you care. Here at First Ireland, we are delighted to bring the beauty of Lladro Hobbies and Professions porcelain together in a collection that makes it easy to find the perfect addition to your home, work or as a gift for a special occasion or loved one. Show you care, love what they do and gift a Lladro piece that they can treasure forever. After all, family heirlooms start with those small gifts that become treasured keepsakes, and Lladro pieces do this perfectly.

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