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Not every item in your kitchen needs to be beautiful but most certainly need to be functional. These Lock and Lock Food Containers certainly meet the need to be practical and useful. Whether you are looking to store dry goods in your cupboards, banish cardboard cereal boxes that take up far too much space, keep your cake fresh or leftovers safely in your fridge, these Lock and Lock clip-on food storage solutions can not be beaten. Both lightweight and versatile in a variety of sizes and shapes, many offer 100% airtight protection and they all offer food and dry goods a safe haven in cupboards, fridges and freezers. They are also microwave, freezer, and dishwasher compatible. 

Banish messy spills from leaking seals and cupboards scattered with a range of containers that didn't cope in the dishwasher or hot wash, so lids no longer fit or fall off when it really matters. You can now have the very best in containers that won't let that happen. Here at First Ireland, we are sure they will quickly become firm favourites and the only containers you need for your kitchen.