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Lladro has undoubtedly made a stunning impact on the home accessories front with a range of absolutely stunning Votive and Domed Lithophane Lamps. Votive candles hold a place in religious worship. Lladro has created their range of Lithophane Votive Lights to sensitively represent cultural and religious beliefs, with scenes and characters from many world religions and cultural beliefs. Scenes including ‘Snowflakes’, ‘The Great Wild’ and ‘Parrot’, ‘Toucan’ and ‘Deer’ also feature in the matte white porcelain lithophane votive lamp collection.
Dome lamps also feature a unique collection of matte white porcelain lithophane lamps. Designs featuring ‘Dragonflies’ and ‘Dragons’ provide gentle lighting choices that are beautiful to the eye when lit or unlit. Some offer LED rechargeable lighting for use when no power source is close by.

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