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Global MIZU 7 Piece Knife Block Set G-WATER7B

Global MIZU 7 Piece Knife Block Set  G-WATER7B

The Japanese element of wind emphasises freedom and
movement, the ability to grow and expand, whether that is
the air or the human mind.
Our Kaze block set, suspends Global knives in the air
offering opportunities to add to the collection at will,
representing the freedom of movement associated with
the air.
Air is represented in cuisine by poultry and the Global Kaze
collections have been influenced by knives used to prepare
poultry. The cook’s knives in the Kaze collection are fluted.
These flutes create air pockets which prevent food from
sticking to the blades.

G-83 | 18cm Fluted Oriental Cook’s Knife
G-102 | 14cm Vegetable Knife
GS-11 | 15cm Flexible Utility Knife
GS-90 | 13cm Fluted Santoku Knife
GS-61 | 16cm Bagel/Sandwich Knife
GS-38 | 9cm Paring Knife

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