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Villeroy and Boch have named this range Texas for a reason. Texas is a state known for its love of barbeques, and this cutlery set is perfect for hearty steaks, juicy beef burgers and the good old banger that features throughout many an outdoor cooking party. Yet these work just as well indoors, are great for cutting crispy oven-baked pizzas, steaks and other meat, and look fantastic, whether you eat al fresco or inside. Texas steak and pizza knives are robust, stylish and perfect for all men and women, in fact, anyone wanting quality and style when they need a little extra cutting power. Each piece features finely crafted stainless steel married perfectly with quality walnut wood handles, bringing a rustic yet refined look to each piece. Available as a knife and fork two-piece set, individual knives and forks, and a set of 6 knives to be used alongside existing cutlery.


Whether you are buying for yourself or loved ones, you are in for a treat. Here at First Ireland, we are delighted to offer many fabulous Villeroy and Boch cutlery and crockery collections to give our clients the quality and style we always see them deliver. Villeroy and Boch's rich history dates back over 250 years. Beginning in the world of ceramics, they now also produce fine cutlery for all dining occasions, from formal to informal collections, to combine beautifully with this steak and pizza wooden-handle range. Why not make light work of your BBQ or steak dinner with this delightful range.