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Royal Doulton | Fiskars Group
Since 1815, Royal Doulton has been one of the leading tableware design companies, specialising in fine china and porcelain dinnerware and tableware that has earned them an impressive reputation. The company is known all over the world not only for the quality of the items that they produce but also for their simple and elegant designs. They also specialise in the manufacture of stunning figurines and items of giftware. 

Their designs are traditional with a touch of the contemporary, and over the years they have collaborated with a range of guest designers; adding a real diversity to the range. Their range of tableware includes everything from elegant white to items with a real pop of colour – with something for everyone.

Here at First Ireland we offer a range of dinnerware, figurines and even giftware from Royal Doulton, each item has been carefully selected to offer a superb range for all occasions.
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