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Kai Seki Magoroku Composite blades are the epitome of Japanese elegance. What stands out is the distinctive copper-coloured line on the blade. This indicates the separation of the two steel types being used in these blades. The name "composite" refers to the use of the two steel types. When Kai laminates the two different types of steel they exploit its best features. The VGMAX-steel core (resembling VG10) is very hard and sharp. To compensate for this is the core is laminated between two layers of SUS420J-steel. This gives the blade a little flexibility and makes it stronger. The result is a very thin carved blade for optimum cutting properties. Razor-sharp as you have come to expect of Japanese kitchen knives. The handles of the Kai Seki Magoroku knives are made of light Pakkawood. The handle shows a composite structure of different kinds of wood, just like the blade. The result is a strong and stabilized handle that, even though it is man-made, looks very natural. The shape of the handle looks like a kind of fusion between the well-known European forged bolster and the traditional Japanese D-grip. The handle and blade are symmetrical so they can be used by both left-handed and right-handed users. Immense cutting pleasure for everyone!