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Lladro was founded in 1953 in Valencia, Spain. Three brothers had the vision to create fine porcelain ware and joined together to form Lladro to produce delicate hand-crafted ceramic vases and jugs. A few short years later, in 1956, they began to create the sculptures that have become their main focus and perhaps what they are most known and celebrated for. As the 1960s progressed, Lladro developed and began producing a more comprehensive range of speciality pieces and dynamic figurines that are now collected, recognised and loved worldwide. With an official Lladro Collectors Society of more than 100,000 members, each sharing the joy of Lladro fine porcelain, owning a Lladro sculpture piece is undoubtedly a joy. There is no reason to miss out on the vast range of Lladro fine porcelain home and giftware.


Here at First Ireland, we understand the excitement, anticipation and need to know that lovers of Lladro have, so we bring our Lladro New Issues to your attention in this easy viewing space. The beauty of Lladro is the ever-growing collection, there is always something new to see with their new Lladro original design pieces, so you will always have something unique to add. Lladro porcelain pieces make perfect gift choices, become family heirlooms and look stunning in any setting. New issues regularly include pieces of all sizes, including Lladros' range of scented candles in Lladro porcelain, to investment pieces that see Lladro's unique vision and craft come to life in porcelain. Never miss out on the latest Lladro with our New Issues feature.

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