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For over 75 years, Judge Cookware and Kitchenware has been brought to our kitchens by Horwood Homewares. Horwood themselves have a legacy spanning more than 120 years and they have a distinguished history for quality, design and craftsmanship, which shines in their vast kitchenware and cookware range. Over a thousand products and new additions are crafted regularly to ensure they have captured everything you could need for food preparation, cooking, baking, eating and drinking. From small electrical appliances to a whisk, chopping boards to elegant cutlery and cappuccino glasses, steamers, to egg poachers, there really is no end to what you can do.  

If all this has you exhausted with activity, you can then enjoy a quick cuppa made in a Judge Kitchenware teapot while dinner cooks away in the stockpot and then serve with gravy in an insulated gravy jug. They even have leftovers covered in a range of practical seal-and-store glass containers so that you can enjoy them another day.