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The Willow Tree Figurines range founded by highly talented artist Susan Lordi at the end of the 20th century has seen incredible success with a range of sentiment-evoking figurines. Taking inspiration for their name from the elegant and slender appearance of the Willow Tree, these faceless pieces have become a way for buyers to express emotions and messages through each unique piece. Whether you choose them for your own home or as a gift, these carefully crafted resin pieces are sure to be loved.

 If you are looking for a special present to show friendship, appreciation, or mark an occasion, Willow Tree figurines are the perfect way to do so. Soft muted and neutral colours create beautiful ornaments that will sit perfectly in any home. Every design is carefully handcrafted in clay by Susan Lordi and then recreated in resin. Every piece cleverly tells a story through perfect body language and styling, yet the beauty of their simple faceless design allows everyone to see their own meaning in these stunning figurines.

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