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Marquis Glassware Crystalline collection looks and feels like its real crystal sister. However, this crystalline range is priced for everyday use and can grace even the most modest home and look genuinely stunning without a crystal-sized price tag. Every home can delight with beautiful Waterford Crystal glassware with this high-quality, yet affordable range.

Waterford Crystal has been established for over 200 years and is renowned for its handcrafted luxury crystal range. From a setting in the delightful Irish harbour town of Waterford, they have continued to create desirable pieces that have seen them grow and flourish. Waterford Crystal pieces are highly collectable, and our First Ireland range offers stunning Marquis Crosby Crystalline at affordable prices.

Your collection can include glassware, stemware, bowls, vases and candle holders, which also make the perfect gift. Waterford Crystal, non-leaded glassware, can be enjoyed for a fraction of the price of genuine crystal without anyone realising the difference.

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