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First Ireland’s Lladro fantasy range brings the best of Lladro fantasy pieces in one easy to view selection. Here you will find gifts and works worthy of a spot in any home or Lladro collector’s portfolio. Lladro’s ‘My Sweet Love’ range features cute babies lain atop colourful doughnut rings and their ‘Seesaw Balloon’ pieces match them perfectly. You will also find pieces with adult appeal, such as ‘Gondola in Venice’, perfect for recapturing special travel memories. ‘Dragons’ ‘Peacocks’ and ‘Dragonfly' dome lamps will look stunning in homes, providing a warm glow to any room.
For those looking for intricate and exquisite detail, the Lladro' Winged Beauty', 'Venetian Fantasy' and 'Arion on a Seahorse' are just some of the pieces that you will find as hidden gems in our fantasy collections.

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