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Lladro is world-renowned for iconic figurines, yet their porcelain homeware range will not disappoint. A little over a decade ago, Lladro intensified its creativity to diversify, bringing truly stunning porcelain pieces into the lighting and home accessories arena. Lladro vases offer something for all, encompassing the total budget and design spectrum.
First Ireland’s Lladro vase collection features varied styles. From a simple, contemporary ‘Hitoiki Bud Vase’ at the lower end of the range to the high end, with a higher price tag ‘Oriental Vase’ or tall ‘Poppy Flowers’ vases in a range of colours that sit perfectly on any windowsill, mantelpiece or shelf. Each is designed to suit both classic and modern decor. Imagine your neighbour envy as you proudly show your floral arrangements in such a prestigious vase.

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