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For any stylish dining table, it really is hard to beat the distinctive designs and bold colours of the Denby Pottery Tableware. Denby has been manufacturing stunning pottery since 1809 and the quality of their products really does speak for itself. At First Ireland, our Denby Pottery Tableware range offers the discerning customer a collection that is exceptionally durable and versatile; great for everyday dining but equally at home in a more intimate setting for a special meal. This stunning tableware collection is ideal for reflecting your own individual taste and creating the perfect atmosphere for any dinner. It is safe for use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher and can even be placed in the freezer. Its durability means it will give you many years of continual use. Whether you are drawn to one of the stunning colour glazed sets offset with white or prefer the delicate patterning of the Monsoon Cosmic range this is tableware that is sure to impress, every single time it is used.

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