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Belleek Classic Lamps bring joy and light wherever they shine! With many new ranges in the Classic Lamp collection for 2022, this collection of votives and luminaires offers something for everyone. The new Wildflowers range features a stunning porcelain lamp base showing Irish woodland-inspired spring flowers at their best. Bluebells celebrate Ireland's natural landscape and ecosystem perfectly, and they transform this simple, timeless lamp into a beautiful addition to any home.  

With options for both UK/Ire and USA/Canada fitting, you can bring some of the finest Belleek Classic lighting to your home worldwide. Each lighting piece fuses classic and modern design styles perfectly, so you are spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for mood lighting for a darker corner or want a beautiful statement piece on your mantelpiece or desk, the entire range will instantly brighten your room. A delightful Belleek Thatched Cottage Luminaire features the traditional Irish shamrock that celebrates Belleek's Irish history perfectly and brings the love of shamrocks to a worldwide audience. Or maybe if you want a splash of beautifully coloured flowers, choose the pretty Belleek Catalina Votive LED candlelight designed to allow the light to shine through the holes in the porcelain vase shaped sides.

Whichever piece you choose from the Belleek Classic Lamps for your home or as a gift for a loved one, we are sure that you won't be disappointed and will enjoy beautiful lighting for many years to come. These lights make the perfect addition to any home or a gift for any occasion that we are sure will be cherished.