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Japan has long since gained recognition for design, innovation and leading the way in product development. The legendary Kai brand certainly lives up to that reputation. Founded in Seki, Japan, a little over 100 years ago, they have developed a cutlery and knife range with excellent blade quality, sharpness and function.

 First Ireland brings to you more than just knives as we offer a range of Kai products that effortlessly combine functionality and aesthetics. A kitchen with prestigious Japanese walnut cutting boards, knife blocks and combination whetstones bring warmth that only wood can. Your choice of knives covers everything you might wiish to slice or dice, with redwood and forged stainless steel among the handle choices for both kitchen tasks and dining. A range of traditional and modern knife sharpeners are the perfect choice to ensure you have all you need to care for your piece of Japanese creativity. A love of fine food and artistic presentation defines Japanese culture, and our range of Kai Knives and accessories will undoubtedly equip you to follow.