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Founded in 1857, Belleek Pottery have been responsible for producing some of the finest pottery you will find anywhere in Ireland for over 150 years. They are the oldest craft pottery in Ireland and the craftsmanship of their wares has earned them a worldwide reputation. The company is still based in the village of Belleek, where it all began, and it is estimated that each year they produce around 100,000 items of pottery.

Pottery from Belleek is easy to recognise. The porcelain has a thin iridescent surface which has become something of a signature look for the company. The pieces are lovingly made with techniques and materials that have been handed down through the generations and as such no two pieces are ever the same. 

Our Belleek collection offers a range of homewares including frames and lamps, mugs and tea service items and, of course, the stunning living Christmas Collection.

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