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Global TSUCHI 7 Piece Knife Block Set G-EARTH7B

Global TSUCHI 7 Piece Knife Block Set  G-EARTH7B

  • Designed by Komin Yamada

Earth or Tsuchi represents the hard solid objects of the
world, the most obvious examples being rock and stone.
Earth stands for stability and is highly resistant to movement
or change.
Our Global Tsuchi set stands proud and firm, like a rock with
a sloping universal block holding knives firmly in place.
The Tsuchi or earth is symbolised by the inclusion of the
GS-5 vegetable knife. Our Tsuchi set is a great all purpose
set suitable for any types of cooking.

G-46 | 18cm Santoku Knife
GS-5 | 14cm Vegetable Knife
GS-38 | 9cm Paring Knife
GS-61 | 16cm Bagel/Sandwich Knife
GS-100 | 16cm Cook’s Knife
GS-108/HSE | 12cm Utility Knife (Half Serrated)

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