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Belleek Living Vases are yet another collection in the beautiful array of Belleek Living contemporary styled pottery. Each vase is styled to be beautiful and elegant yet straightforward so as not to detract from the beauty of the flowers placed within. Each vase is a single soft tone with carefully embossed features that match with the Belleek Living Luminaire and Photo frames. Whether you are looking simply for a vase or for a matching collection, these Belleek Living Vases will not disappoint, and they certainly look the part in today's modern home décor. 

Here at First Ireland, we are delighted to bring the quality and craftsmanship that we know Belleek cherish so much in their collections as they seek to keep Irish pottery forefront on the world stage. Belleek is a company with an Irish history that began in the village of Belleek back in 1849 on inheritance by John Caldwell Bloomfield of the Castle Caldwell estate. In his desire to protect the estate's tenants following the potato famine and give them a much-needed income, he began what we now know and love as Belleek Pottery.

Today, the company still pays homage to their Irish history with both Belleek Classic and the later addition of the Belleek Living range that brings Irish pottery right up to date for those with more modern and contemporary styling. Their range of home and giftware across the entire company has undoubtedly gained them worldwide recognition and given an insight into the delightful history of Irish pottery.