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At First Ireland, we have grouped an inspiring collection of Lladro figurines that represent iconic people and figures from world history and literature at their finest. Rich colours and exquisite porcelain detail bring many figures to life, reaching extensively throughout history to bring characters from literature such as ‘Don Quixote’ and ‘Lakshman’ and ‘’Hanuman to couple with ‘Rama and Sita’ to form the cultural consciousness of India and ideal of a happy family. Alice in Wonderland and the Little Tin Soldier bring more literary works to life. Egyptian history features an Anubis figurine, while a work of 'Alexander Nevski' celebrates the life of Nevsky, the Russian stalwart.
While these works celebrate rich history and literature, every piece offers a beautiful porcelain statement befitting any home or setting, some of which are cast as a limited edition.

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