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A relative newcomer to the market, founded in 2009, Newgrange Living has undoubtedly made a considerable impact. As a company born in Ireland and taking inspiration from Irish beauty and rich colour, Newgrange Living glass and tableware combines luxury products with clean lines and intense, vibrant colour to make glass and tableware perfect for any home, restaurant or bar. Glassware and tumblers with simple lines offer affordable luxury and elegance, including their famous Rainbow Range box sets of tumblers and stemmed glassware is a wonderfully modern and fun addition in any setting.
Tableware of fine bone china mugs, candleholders and elegant vases also form part of the Newgrange Living range alongside reed diffusers and candles. Newgrange Living inspirations bring stunning luxury to every product at prices that make them an excellent choice for every First Ireland customer. Elegant and timeless packaging also makes Newgrange glass and tableware a superb choice for those looking for the perfect gift for even the fussiest recipient.