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For young and old, the magic of a circus is hard to beat. Lladro capture perfectly the circus atmosphere in their range of circus-inspired porcelain ware. A ‘Masquerade Bud Vase’ holds a single stem perfectly, or the ‘Lladro Trip to the Circus’ fun piece is perfect for younger family members and circus lovers. Each Lladro figurine is sure to become a treasured family heirloom, passing from generation to generation, such is the appeal of Lladro porcelain.
Lladro has been a Master of Fine porcelain sculpture since the 1950s, founded by three brothers. They produce high-end porcelain piece statues and figurines, lighting and home accessories from their Valencia home. Appealing to a broad audience and undoubtedly featuring in many collector portfolios, simply because they are both incredibly beautiful and superbly creative.

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