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First Ireland shares with you our range of incredibly delightful, charming Lladro animals. From highly decorative ‘Lladro Flower Bedecked Bull’ Figurines to a cuddly ‘Lucky Elephant’ and ‘Leading the Way’ emotive elephant sculptures, there are many choices of unique Lladro styles to indulge in. ‘Penguin Family’ figurines show LLadros muted shades to perfection and cute Lladro’ Duck’ and ‘Dove’ plates offer both function and beauty. A host of wild animals feature in the animal’s range in various styles that offer something for everybody. Cute ‘Playful Puppy’ figures are perfect for younger generations or those with a love of cuddly. Exquisite ‘Peacock’ and ‘Hoptoad’ figures show Lladro artwork quality to perfection.
Whether you are looking to treat yourself or find a wonderful gift, Lladro charming animal figurines offer the very best nature and mystic have to offer porcelain fans.

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