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Waterford showcases crystal glassware truly at its best. As a world-renowned company, Waterford Crystal is a name synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Established in 1783 in the Irish harbour town of Waterford, they have spent many years designing the very best in quality, creating some of the worlds most beautiful crystal pieces.From a simple coaster to an entire glass collection, there’s sure to be an option that catches the eye amongst their glassware.

Our range includes many soft-lined modern glassware pieces alongside classic ornate and heritage-inspired pieces. Waterford Crystal has a timeless appeal that lasts throughout generations, making it a truly special gift for a christening, wedding, or maybe a treat for yourself.  

Crystal lovers will be inspired by Waterford Crystal's rich history and the craftmanship shown within each piece in their collection. From condiment sets or an ornate lamp, beautiful bowls, decanters, glasses and photo frames there are a plethora of options available to you. If your home deserves a genuinely stunning statement piece, you could even take a look at the beauty that is a Waterford Crystal chandelier.

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