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The Tableware Samarkand Aquamarin collection is another Oriental-inspired dinnerware range from Villeroy and Boch. With this collection a stunning shade of light blue has been added to the designs to offer a really fresh look. Many of the items in the Samarkand Aquamarin collection feature a horse motif that is a symbol of the journey that was taken on the silk road which stretches from Arabia to India. 

Delicate, and rather intricate, patterns complete the look of each item to add an additional sophisticated touch. This is dinnerware that is perfectly suited to a sophisticated dinner party or a dinner a deux. It can also be used in combination with a plain white service to offer accents of colour to your table for a very sophisticated look. 

The items in this collection are dishwasher safe and made of premium bone porcelain. In addition to plates and bowls the collection includes a number of large decorative plates.