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At First Ireland we understand just how frustrating it is when you don’t have the right kitchen tool for the job. This is why we have sourced a superb selection of Wusthof knives. A German manufacturer, Wusthof makes precision forged knives that are the highest quality. Each knife offers an unrivalled level of sharpness making any kitchen cutting task simple. They are stainless and easy to maintain and clean. Each knife features an ergonomic handle that has been carefully designed with the type of cutting needed in mind. 

These are knives that have been designed with comfort in mind, making them the perfect tool for any home cook but also the ideal choice for those who work in a professional kitchen. The seamless fit of the blade to the handle of these knives is another clever feature, making them a hygienic choice. With a guarantee against both manufacturing and material defects these are the perfect addition for your kitchen.

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