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Manufactured by Alan Silverwood Limited, the Silverwood bakeware range has been designed with the baking needs of both the home baker and the professional chef in mind. This Birmingham company, which was established in 1966, offers a superb range of distinctive bakeware that is not only high quality but also incredibly long-lasting. At First Ireland, we are proud to offer a very comprehensive range of bakeware from Silverwood that is sure to contain everything you need. Whether you are looking for a cake tin for your next big bake or continental loose base flan tins to create a dessert that is sure to impress, this range offers everything the home baker or professional chef should need to create some truly spectacular baked goods. These items do not rust or peel, offer easy release of their contents and more importantly, are easy to clean. No matter what your kitchen experience is, you can bake perfect cakes with ease using the Silverwood bakeware range.