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Moorcroft Pottery has a rich history of creating pieces using stunningly rich designs. Run as a family business by founder William Moorcroft, who handed over the reins to his son Walter, you can see both men’s strong influences on the many stunning designs that have made Moorcroft Pottery a regular purchase for British royalty and a favourite of Queen Elizabeth.
Moorcroft Pottery design is now in the hands of a small team of five designers within the Moorcroft Design Studio. Their designs continue to complement the founding day influences that have made Moorcroft Pottery the choice of luxury collectors and gift buyers worldwide. The company continues to surprise with its artistic vision creating new broad-base designs synonymous with the luxury of their famously rich heritage.
Dramatic colours and stunning designs grace Tiffany and Co, Harrods and Liberty of London and here at First Ireland, we are delighted to offer select pieces on request. If you would like to know more about the availability and prices of Moorcroft Pottery, please email your enquiry to orders@firstireland.com.

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