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Kai Seki Magoroku Redwood Chefs Knife 20cm: MGR-0200C

Kai Seki Magoroku Redwood Chefs Knife 20cm: MGR-0200C

Blade Length: 20cm

Handle Length: 13.4cm


The Kai Seki Magorokou Redwood Chefs Knife is ideal for general purpose kitchen use like cutting meat and vegetables.

The Seki Magoroku Redwood series captivates by its mirror finished blade made of top quality steel with a hardess of 58 1 HRC and the exquisitely polished edge that gives the series a high cutting performance. The traditional chestnut-shaped handle is made from redwood. This hardwood naturally has high oil content and is therefore water resistant. The plished polypropylene bracket adds harmony to the wood's modern colour.


Blade Material: Steel with Hardness 58 1 HRC

Handle Material: Redwood

Blade Length: 20 cm

Handle Length: 13.4 cm

Overall Length: 33.4 cm



The knife needs a little care to preserve it and enjoy the edge for a long time :

Rinse immediately after use with warm soapy water, drying in the sun or at room temperature.

Do not use strong detergents.

To avoid injury when drying always hold the knife by the handle to the edge.

Do not soak knives with handles made of natural materials for a long time.

When storing a knife make sure that the blade is not in contact with other metal objects (other knives spoons forks etc) to avoid damage and scratches on blade.


Use a diamond tool specially made for sharpening you'll find in our stores, a local Cretan natural stone world known as Ladakono, water or oil in a 30 degree angle on both sides or a chew High quality maintenance of the ridge.

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