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Lock and Lock


Lock and Lock 5 piece Nestable Bowl Set HSM946S5

Lock and Lock 5 piece Nestable Bowl Set HSM946S5

These nestable Lock and Lock storage containers are ideal for storing food, especially on the go, as lunch boxes or food prep containers! LocknLock is the UK’s most popular meal prep container thanks to the reliability and durability of every lunc box set. These meal prep containers reusable are comprised of five different sized BPA free plastic food prep containers with lids – perfect for all of your storage needs. Each side of each colour-coded meal prep container has a lock with an exceptional seal and is both air- and watertight. You can even stack the boxes when in use or nest them when not to save space in your kitchen. These versatile food containers with lids are also dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe so you can reheat and freeze food easily. 

Why choose the LocknLock Multifunctional 5 Food Prep Containers with Lids

  • Five different sized round containers for easy storage solutions (1x 250ml, 1x 480ml, 1x 850ml, 1x 1.4ltr, 1x 2.1ltr)
  • Side locks on each container provides air- and watertight storage
  • Extremely durable BPA free plastic
  • Stackable and nestable to maximise space

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