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Aynsley's Christmas collection gives the best start to Christmas. It makes it so easy to celebrate festive food with style. It's hard not to love Christmas, and adding a stunning fine china mug, pastry fork set, or other items from the Aynsley Christmas collection can undoubtedly bring an extra touch of magic to the occasion. Add a delightful group of festively decorated mugs for your Christmas morning cup of tea or coffee, and eat Christmas cake and mince pies using the lovely Christmas themed pastry forks. If you are struggling for a gift for family or friends, the range of excellently priced giftware in the Christmas collection will not break the bank yet bring a smile to anyone you gift them to.


Aynsley china has a history that dates back to 1775 when John Aynsley began in Longton Staffordshire. In 1861, his grandson, also John Aynsley, built the Portland Works that they are famed for. They have been taken over in more recent times by The Belleek Pottery Group, which continues this incredible Aynsley Brand today. Here at First Ireland, we love to bring our customers a wide range of china and porcelain offerings with our range of giftware and practical items that we know appeal to a worldwide audience. Our brands of choice, including the fine Aynsley ranges, all bring quality, unique styling and something different for you to buy for yourself or as gifts for loved ones. Whether for a special occasion or everyday home life, a gift from our First Ireland collections is always welcome.