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Waterford Crystal


Waterford Crystal Elegance Cabernet Sauvignon Set of 2

Waterford Crystal Elegance Cabernet Sauvignon Set of 2

Unlock hidden and aromas and flavours with this Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Glass Pair and enjoy this typically dry, fruity and full-bodied red wine to its full potential. Expertly hand-crafted from fine crystal, these elegant red wine glasses have been carefully designed to enhance your favourite Cabernet Sauvignon. The wide base, spacious bowl and open rim invite oxygen into the wine to unlock its flavour, whilst lessening the effects that its tannin impart on the connoisseur. Each crystal wine glass is uniquely contemporary in design, with a deep V plunge and sleek pulled stem producing a flawlessly modern profile.

WIDTH: 11.4 cm

LENGTH: 11.4 cm

HEIGHT: 25 cm

WEIGHT: 310 g

VOLUME: 760 ml

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