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Royal Doulton


Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Storage Jar 1 Litre

The Coffee Studio Storage Jar is a stylish and contemporary piece to store your favourite coffee beans to fill your home with the aroma of your local coffee shop. Finished in a stylish dipped glaze design, this jar will look great in any kitchen. It is important to keep the coffee as airtight as possible after opening. Ideally seal in its original pouch with the Royal Doulton bulldog clip provided and then store in an airtight container.

Please note: This product has a satin dipped glaze which gives the porcelain a hand made and unique finish. Due to the glaze finish, cutlery marks may appear more obvious than on normal white porcelain. These can be removed with proprietary stain remover, such as Bar Keepers Friend. The cutlery marks on the glaze surface are not perceived as a product fault.

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