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Royal Crown Derby


Royal Crown Derby - Fifi the Cat: PAPBOX61767

Royal Crown Derby - Fifi Cat


Special Order Item - Delivery may take up to 6 weeks

Carmen has captured the true essence of this beautiful new cat paperweight by using a colour palette of soft golds, dark blue, black and striking emerald green for the eyes. Our new cat, Fifi sits by the fire and curls her tail around her paws for warmth. The textured effect of the design gives the impression of soft long luscious fur. A most beautiful new paperweight.Millie is a cute new kitten designed as a perfect complement to mummy cat Fifi. Her coat is decorated in soft powder blue tones and her eyes are a striking green designed to match those of her mother’s. Gold dots and swirls complete the look of this adorable new paperweight.

  • Designer: Carmen Roome
  • Modeller: Mark Delf

Special Order item, delivery may take up to 6 weeks

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