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Leifheit Xtra Clean Floor Brush 40cm 45031-9

Leifheit Xtra Clean  Floor Brush 40cm 45031-9

"Now sweeps faster and more thoroughly, thanks to the innovative X-bristles! The Xtra Clean Allround Broom’s high-quality bristle mix is perfectly developed for cleaning tiled, stone and PVC floors. Whether it’s caked-on dirt in the hallway, crumbs on the kitchen floor, wet dirt particles in the bath or on the balcony: the X-shaped bristles pick up all the dirt – nothing else gets through. Their split ends also increase the sweeping surface and collect hair and fine dust in the joint. The X-bristles are encircled with elastic stable plastic bristles, which thoroughly remove even damp dirt. The angled broom joint is another plus for sweeping efficiency. The broom makes contact with its full sweeping surface – without being tilted – thus ensuring efficient brushing. The Xtra Clean Plus Allround Broom has a sweeping width of 40 cm. The separately available handles come in a selection of wood or plastic, in either fixed or extendable lengths. Equipped with the Leifheit Click System, they fit all of the cleaning devices in the Leifheit Click Series. "

  • Innovative X-bristles for faster, more thorough brushing
  • Bristles made of plastic fibre
  • Angled handle joint for full-surface sweeping
  • 40 cm broom surface
  • Compatible with all Leifheit Click-System handles

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