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Kuhn Rikon


Kuhn Rikon JAMPUR Wok Set cast iron 36cm

The Jampur Wok Set includes a cast iron wok, a glass lid and chop sticks.

The Wok has handy side grips to evenly distribute the weight and make it easier to lift.

Woks are not solely for cooking Asian cuisine; they’re also great for cooking various Western dishes.

The cast iron wok will heat up evenly and hold the heat well - perfect for stir fry cooking. 

The pans are suitable for all hob types, including induction.

  • Two handles for easy lifting.
  • Can be used on all heat sources, including induction hobs.
  • Even heat distribution.
  • USE & CARE

    • Thoroughly wash the pan prior to using for the first time
    • Always hand wash in warm, soapy water
    • Try to match the diameter of the pan to that of the cooking plate
    • Never place an empty pan on direct heat
    • Beware of overheating - if food is sticking the pan may be too hot
    • Use only fats and oils that are suitable for high-temperatures to avoid burning and sticking (such as vegetable oil or rapeseed oil)
    • Use hot soapy water, wash while still warm, with a soft cloth or brush or soak. 
    • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents inside the pan
    • Misuse invalidates the guarantee. Overheating or burnt-in residues are not covered

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