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Kuhn Rikon


Kuhn Rikon Cheese Fondue Set Alpine panorama black 23cm with 6 plates

    • Bring a glorious alpine panorama into your home – complete with alphorn players!

      Made of high quality ceramic, the traditional fondue pot will conjure a cosy Swiss feel onto your dining table, perfect for enjoying a special fondue evening with friends or family. The fondue set is suitable for four to six people.

      The complete cheese fondue set includes: fondue pot diameter 23cm, gel burner filled with fuel gel and 6 forks with plastic handles. Simply light the burner, sit back, and enjoy a sociable fondue evening.

      When using the gel burner, direct contact with the flame can cause some discolouration. This is purely a visual discolouration and does not affect performance in any way. Our high quality ceramic products are made by hand and there may therefore be slight differences in shape, material or decoration.

      • Attractive traditional design
      • Fondue pot 23cm
      • Capacity 2.6 litre, perfect for 4–6 people (assume 200g of cheese per person)
      • Rechaud
      • Gel burner filled with fuel gel
      • 6 forks

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