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KitchenAid Stainless Steel Box Grater with covered container KQG300OSOBE


This KitchenAid Box Grater features four blades - coarse, medium, fine and slice - to quickly grate cheese, chocolate, breadcrumbs and other ingredients. A storage container slots into the base of the grater to catch grated food, helping to reduce mess and allowing for easy storage. The container is marked with ½ cup, 1 cup, 1½ cup and 2 cup capacities, as well as their millilitre equivalents. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Key Features:
  • Features 4 blades - coarse, medium, fine and slice
  • Comfortable handle allows for upright grating
  • Storage container fits inside grater to catch food
  • Storage container has 473ml capacity
  • Use for cheese, chocolate or breadcrumbs
  • 118ml, 237ml, 355ml and 473ml ( ½ cup, 1 cup, 1½ cup, and 2 cup markings)
  • Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up

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