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KitchenAid Instant Read Meat Thermometer Probe

This KitchenAid Quick Read Meat Thermometer Probe is a great addition to any kitchen tool repertoire. The sturdiness of the shatterproof plastic lens along with the thermometer's ability to withstand drops to the floor makes it a long-term solution to any cooking or baking needs. This product has a protective pocket sleeve that can be used to calibrate the thermometer (see instructions on packaging), and also functions as an extended handle. NSF listed. Helpful hints: This thermometer is not meant to be left in food during cooking. The plastic lens could be damaged by excessive heat. Important: The thermometer will be hot after use. Use oven gloves when handling the hot thermometer.

Key Features:
  • Monitor the temperature of food easily
  • Designed to provide fast, accurate readings
  • The sleeve protects the thermometer in storage
  • Temperature range 20 to 220 °F
  • Features a 2.5cm dial for easy viewing
  • Dial magnified by convex plastic lens
  • For best results, wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly

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