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KitchenAid Bamboo Scraper Spatula Silicone KQG631OHOBE

This KitchenAid Bamboo Scraper Spatula's silicone head features curved sides for scraping hard-to-reach areas. It's heat-resistant to 260°C and suitable for use with air-fryers. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, it is safe to use on all cookware. Lifetime Limited Warranty. Dishwasher safe.

Key Features:

  • ESSENTIAL TOOL: great for scraping foods out of bowls, plus turning and lifting food
  • SMART DESIGN: the flexible head features curved sides for scraping evenhard-to-reachh areas
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made of sturdy, durable and environmentally friendly bamboo
  • HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: Silicone head is heat resistant to 260 degrees Celsius
  • SAFE: For use on all cookware, including ceramic, cast iron and non-stick. Suitable for air-fryer


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