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KitchenAid 8 inch Chef Knife with Sheath KOG8IFSSOHOBA

KitchenAid  8 inch Chef Knife with Sheath KOG8IFSSOHOBA


The KitchenAid chef knife is the workhorse of the kitchen, ideal for a variety of cutting tasks including slicing, dicing, and chopping. This forged knife is expertly crafted using semi-polished, high-carbon Japanese steel, hardened and tempered to provide a long-lasting edge for a professional, quality cut every time.
This KitchenAid knife features an eastern-style ergonomic handle with a triple-riveted pin design that provides optimal control for everyday use. This handle is expertly engineered with a textured finish for a comfortable grip and accented with a stainless steel end cap. Includes a custom-fit blade cover for secure, safe storage. KitchenAid knives are top rack dishwasher safe. To extend the life of your knives, hand washing is recommended. Dry immediately.

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