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Fissler Adamant Serving Pan 24cm

Fissler Adamant Serving Pan 24cm

Sounds familiar? It’s hectic in the kitchen and the food is sizzling away on the hob. You just want to quickly turn the ingredients, absent-mindedly reach for a metal kitchen utensil – and before you know it your favourite pan is scratched. How annoying! To make sure that never happens again, Fissler has developed scratch-resistant pan: adamant.

The secret lies in an extremely tough finish containing silicon carbide particles. These form an innovative surface texture that is as hard as stone and even permits the use of metal kitchen utensils! The adamant serving pan features very good nonstick properties and outstanding thermal conductivity, making it perfect for both gentle and crispy frying.

This robust pan is characterised by its timeless design. With its cookstar® all-hob base, it is suitable for every type of hob, including induction. The practical measuring scale lets you dose liquids conveniently.

  • cookstar® all-hob base, including induction
  • Stainless steel handles with integrated heat buffers
  • Practical measuring scale
  • Ovenproof to 220 °C

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