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Belleek Classic Hawk Figurine: 4284

Belleek Classic Hawk Figurine: 4284

A new introduction to Belleek, and part of the Heritage Collection is this beautifully hand crafted Bird of Prey, the Irish Hawk. Standing proud with its' fine detailing and a mix of glazed and unglazed areas, this truly is a remarkable piece for your collection.

The Irish Hawk, a creature of ethereal beauty, a majestic being that graces the skies of the emerald hills of Ireland with its presence. Its wings, broad and powerful, stretched out in flight, each feather shimmering with a golden hue.

Legend has it that the Irish Hawk's appearance is a harbinger of love and prosperity, a symbol of the intertwined destinies of kindred spirits. Its very essence seems to embody the spirit of Ireland itself – wild, free, and filled with an enchanting magic that captures the imaginations of all who encounter it.

Whether gliding gracefully on the gentle currents of the Irish breeze or circling above the meadows in a display of divine elegance, The Irish Hawk is a symbol of the untamed beauty of the Irish landscape and the enduring power of love that it bestowed upon those fortunate enough to witness its flight.

  • Handcrafted in Ireland
  • Measures - 30cmH x 11.2cmW x 14cmL

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